Columbine Memorial Foundation

The Columbine Memorial Foundation was formed after the Columbine Memorial Committee completed construction of the Columbine Memorial at which time the Committee disbanded. The Columbine Memorial Foundation’s purpose is to augment and facilitate maintenance, repairs and improvements to the Columbine Memorial. The Foundation also coordinates volunteer groups throughout the year to perform trash removal, weeding, plant maintenance and general cleaning of the Memorial. The daily maintenance and care of the Memorial is performed by Foothills Park & Recreation District who manages Clement Park where the Memorial is located.

Rick Townsend, President
Karen Jones, Vice President 
Lora Knowlton, Secretary/Treasurer
Lee Andres, Board Member
Frank DeAngelis, Board Member
Rod Hunley, Board Member & Volunteer Coordinator
Tim Sanchez, Board Member
Cris Welsh, Board Member

Donn Kraemer, Honorary Board Member
Paul Rufien, Legal Counsel

– – –¬†

Special Thank You to Those Who Have Served Us:

Alan Cram, Past President
Kirsten Kreiling, Past President
Bob Curnow, Former Board Member

Inquiries to the Board of Directors should be sent to

The Columbine Memorial Foundation is actively seeking community participants to join its efforts. Please contact Lora Knowlton at 303.973.1209 for more information or email us at the address listed above.

Columbine Memorial Committee
The Columbine Memorial Committee was formed in June 1999 and consisted of many community leaders and members who committed themselves to planning and designing the Memorial. The Committee disbanded after the completion of the Memorial construction in 2007.

Columbine Memorial Committee Mission Statement:
The mission of the committee was to develop a consensus recommendation to create a physical, permanent memorial for our community and others to honor and respect those touched by the Columbine High School tragedy.

Through the planning process, the Columbine Memorial Committee, representing the Columbine community, envisioned the Columbine Memorial to be a place of Remembrance, Peace, and Spirituality. The Memorial would serve to provide comfort and hope for the community at large.

The Memorial Committee established a fundamental philosophy that the victim’s families, injured students and faculty, survivors and the Columbine community will be given appropriate, equal consideration in the Memorial planning, design and fundraising process. To honor those who died, those who survived and those who loved them, the Memorial Committee involved and informed all concerned to the greatest degree possible.

The Memorial Committee was responsible for fundraising, planning, and overseeing the construction of the Columbine Memorial.